The value of quantitative/qualitative research

Relying solely on streaming data leads to a trend-chasing rather than trend-setting culture with regard to artist development and label investments. As explained, this leads to homogeneity in the marketplace and has negative consequences for artists, audiences and labels. Therefore, we as The Right Track do not start with streaming analytics, data about ‘tracks’, to inform decisions with regard to creative direction, signings and marketing choices. Rather than a focus on ‘tracks’, we believe the right ‘track’ is taking a broader focus and gaining insight into the current and/or potential core audiences of an artist.

Specifically, we use qualitative/quantitative techniques because this allows us to uncover more interpretative data about audiences. With our research, we provide labels with insights that will help them to believe and invest more in a trend-setting culture with regard to artist development and signing new artists. Moreover, we provide input for creating congruent marketing campaigns to effectively communicate with core audiences.