Nowadays, record labels are far more data savvy with developing powerful internal data capabilities. In recent years, a shift has occurred from strategic, insight-led traditional forms of market research towards tactical data such as streaming analytics. However, we believe that the heavy reliance on streaming analytics has led to issues related to misinterpretation, which in turn has negatively impacted the relation between artists and their audience, as well as between artists and their labels.

Our goal is to restore these relations by providing the insights needed to get the right music to the right people, using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Wanna learn more? On the page ‘Background’ we will elucidate the origin of our mission by explaining:

· The problem of streaming analytics as a source of data;

· The negative consequences of relying solely on streaming analytics for the relations between artists, audiences and   labels;

· The value our research has with regard to the problems in relation to streaming analytics.