With our research, we help labels with insights about the current and/or potential core audience(s) of artists in each phase of the artist life cycle. Fan behaviour is driven by subconscious forces. So rather than a sole focus on demographics or behaviours, our main goal is unraveling the underlying deep-seated motivations (collecting psychographic data) of current and potential fan bases.

We believe that these insights are crucial in developing artist-audience engagement. Because when you can reach audiences in such a way that they feel surprised, understood, encouraged or inspired, when there is a personal relevance in the message they receive through the conveyed emotions, genuine connections can be made.

To discover the deep-seated motivations, we gain an understanding of the role an artist plays in someone’s life. On the basis of aspects like values, beliefs, attitudes and interests, we provide labels with the insights needed to truly make emotional connections with core audiences.

Our insights are valuable for A&R as well as Marketing and Communication departments. A&R can for example use our insights to inform conversations with artists about creative direction and find opportunities to build on artist-audience engagement. In addition, insight into these motivations help marketing and communication departments with creating effective marketing campaigns and communication strategies to actually get the right music to the right target audience(s).